Trenton Makes… Movies

Trenton Film Society with Cinema Thursdays presents


Shorts by local filmmakers, followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers and audience Q&A.   Discover what is happening in Trenton’s largely underground film scene, and meet the filmmakers.   Affords audiences an insider’s view into the making of film as well as the chance to see new, cutting-edge footage.  Curated by Jeffrey Stewart of A Different Path Films

Saturday, November 8,  7:30 PM at Mill Hill Playhouse   FREE


“15 Years in the Making”

Director: Joshua Birkhimer Borden
TRT: 20 Minutes

On a beautiful summer’s day in the park, life long friends Jennifer (Lori Reed) and Michael (Frank Williams) stop to sit on a special bench to reflect on their long lasting friendship and the reasons for it’s longevity only to discover their true feelings for each other. “15 Years in the Making” (A.K.A. The Bench: Chapter 8) marks the first collaboration between writer Christopher Michael Jones, Producer Jeff Stewart, and Director Joshua Birkhimer Borden with his skillful cinematographers Malachi Matcho and Jamaal R. Green as part of the Art All Night Film Festival presents The Bench film project

Director Bio:
Joshua Birkhimer Borden is a professional Art Director at RDA International, in charge of their Sony Professional accounts. He received his Bachelors of Advertising and Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts of New York, New York. Joshua has worked on such well know accounts as 2K Games, Empire State Building, Korg USA, Nivea, Starwood Resorts, Take Two Interactive, THX, Vera Wang and many more. In addition to his advertising and graphic design work, Joshua is also an illustrator, photographer and filmmaker who has exhibited at Art All Night Trenton, Artworks Trenton, Mercer Community County College, Trenton Social, Pterodactyl Studios, Eris Temple Arts, Randy Now’s Man Cave, The Record Collector and Square Peg Round Hole. Joshua has done 3 years of volunteer work for Art All Night Trenton, where he has started the film festival portion of this popular Trenton community event, as well as volunteering his time and talents to the Wailing Woods Haunted Hayride, a free Bordentown community hayride. He recently collaborated with seven other local directors to create a feature length film titled The Bench, a film project produce by Jeff Stewart, specially designed for the 2014 Art All Night Trenton Film Festival. Joshua is currently in pre-production on his next short film titled Solitaire. Joshua Borden resides in Bordentown, New Jersey with his wife April and their son T. His work can be seen online at He can be contacted at


“The Butcher”

Director: John E. Vitali

Producer: Jeannie Sconzo
TRT: 2 Minutes

Christopher woke up to find he doesn’t know where he is, how he got there or who the lady butchering his penis is.

Director Bio:
John’s desire to perform and create was deeply rooted, yet not realized or pursued until adulthood. Some of his most memorable appearances include “The Tonight Show” and “America’s Most Wanted.” He has also been a part of several studio films, independent films, TV shows, commercials, print ads, live theater, and stand up comedy. “The Demo Crew,” which he produced and directed, has been compared to the likes of “Rocky” and “Brian’s Song” by Video Business Magazine.


“I Love My Family…Honestly”

Director: Jeannie Sconzo
TRT: 11 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Description: Sarah is finally within reach of her goal weight, the weight she had before the births of her two children! Just as she’s preparing to celebrate, her jovial friend offers a possible reason for her sudden sluggishness – could it be a pregnancy?

Director Bio:
After being called up as a contestant on The Price is Right in 2000, Jeannie decided to try her hand at landing herself on a screen, be it big or small, on a regular basis. That led her to The Academy of Dramatic Arts where she studied stage as well as on-screen performing. After seven years of local commercials, industrials, plays and independent films, she happily accepted the recurring role of a nurse on the soap opera “All My Children.” Just a year following that break through, she began screenwriting and producing. Now she has produced six short films and continues to seek out opportunities for growth in the local film community.”I Love My Family…Honestly” is the latest creation which could not have come together without her lead actor, long time friend, and fellow comrade from the hit show “Tony and Tina’s Wedding,” John Vitali.



Director: Brandon Norwood
TRT: 21 Minutes

“Atonement” is a short noir thriller about a man named Eric who has lost his girlfriend recently and looks not only for answers, but also revenge. But is there something wrong with Eric?

Director Bio:
Brandon Norwood, a Mercer county native, is an up and coming filmmaker who has worked extensively for a major studio and has also pitched shows to networks. He has a strong passion for movies and love music and loves to have a chat about both while making ignorant jokes on pop culture and society.


“Good Morning”

Director: Rachel Troche
TRT: 5 Minutes, 19 Seconds

A man, a woman, and a gun…each with their own secrets.


“Perchance To Dream”

Director: Rachel Troche
TRT: 10 Minutes

In this modern adaptation of “Sleeping Beauty,” Aurora suffers from narcolepsy. She has recurring dreams of Phillip, a handsome and charming man who exists only in her head. When Phillip starts appearing in her waking world, she has trouble determining if she’s awake or if she’s having another sleep attack. And if she is asleep, does she really want to wake up?

Director Bio:
Rachel Troche is an award-winning filmmaker and fine art photographer Born in September, 1985 in Camden, New Jersey, she grew up just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania until attending Temple University in the fall of 2004. She majored in Film and Media Arts, graduating Cum Laude in 2008 and has been working on short films, feature films, commercials and digital marketing since.

In one form or another, Rachel has always had a camera in her hands. She believes in harnessing emotion and telling stories through visual imagery, both still and moving. She has extensive experience in portraiture, and is currently working on a series in surrealism based on constructed realities and conceptual self portraiture.

Her photography has been featured in The Photo Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Fifth Wednesday Journal. She recently completed work on “Perchance to Dream,” a short film she wrote and directed for the Project Twenty1 21-Day Filmmaking Competition that took home the coveted awards for Best Director and Best Marketing. She also assisted the art department on the feature film, “McCanick,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival September, 2013.

She currently resides outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband, two cats, and pet rabbit.



Director: Jeff Stewart
TRT: 3min, 41sec

In the town of Friendship, a place the world has forgot, a group of immortals engage in an annual ceremony to ensure their way of life. Sometimes, eternity demands a sacrifice.

Director Bio:
Award winning writer/director/photographer Jeff Stewart is a true child of the 80s. He was raised just as much by television and movies as he was by his parents. Given his first camera when he was two years old, he hasn’t been seen without one since. His love of photography and what some may say as a gift of storytelling propelled him to attend New York University and Temple University to pursue a degree in filmmaking and creative writing. In his travels through life Jeff has been a comic book writer, professional photographer, radio show host, and just a generally fantastic individual. Jeff, along with his producing partner and childhood best friend, Chris Kaczor, have produced works for Pepsi-Co, Amazon Studios, BBC4, and Drafthouse Films.


“Dollar Night”

Director: Marco Antonio Martinez
TRT: 18 Minutes

“Dollar Night” tells the story of Andy, a vibrant 80 year old theater projectionist whose love for cinema is tested when faced with the closing of his beloved theater.

Director Bio:
Marco Antonio Martinez has served as writer, director, producer and editor to many short film projects including “Mirando Al Norte” which was chosen as an official selection at the Chihuahua International Film Festival and Quito Festival Internacional de Cortos where Marco received the Best Director and Audience awards. Marco’s recent film “Dollar Night” has recently received Film Preservation, Best of Fest, and Audience Awards and has screened at numerous film festivals.



Director: Sam Goetz
TRT: 34 Minutes

Bruno is the story of an asthmatic misanthropic bicycle enthusiast named Derek and his sensitive All-American sitcom-loving cousin Bruno. The two opposites live together in the decaying suburbs of Trenton, NJ with Bruno’s mom, the disgruntled and terrifying Aunt Sarah.

Director’s Bio:
Sam Goetz was born and raised in a small suburb outside of Trenton, NJ. Currently, he resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he works as a film and tv editor. Sam’s short films have won numerous awards and screened across the U.S., internationally, and on television.

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