2018 Trenton Film Festival Award Winners Comments Off on 2018 Trenton Film Festival Award Winners

2018 Trenton Film Festival Award Winners

2018 Trenton Film Festival

Thank you to all of our filmmakers for making this year’s festival an unparalleled success! We are pleased to announce this year’s award winners:

The Organizer
(US, Dir. Nick Taylor)

Gold Mettle
(US, Dir. Nicholas Carney)

Dad is Pretty
(Korea, Dir. Park Soo-min)

Return Safley
(US, Dir. Eric Burleson)

Alpha  Fish
(US, Dir. Roger An)

The Poet
(US, Dir. Adam Cushman)

One Mother’s Fire: The Gail Minger  Story
(US, Dir. Diana Nicolae)

The Organizer
(US, Dir. Nick Taylor)

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Trenton – Chicago Film Exchange Comments Off on Trenton – Chicago Film Exchange

Trenton – Chicago Film Exchange

$10 admission includes both screenings and reception during intermission.

Proceeds benefit the Trenton Film Society.

Friday, July 28: 7:00 pm – TICKETS NOW ON SALE


(Total running time: 70 minutes)


Lori Felker
ZWISCHEN (“between” in German) exists on the thin line between opposing forces. Dirt moves over light to a hand-drawn soundtrack of noise and space. 3min, 2006.


Martin Mulcahy
Through the voices and tools of his great grandfather, an early avant-garde filmmaker, a man explores the world as if we are living inside a movie set. 5min, 2016.

Yo No Soy Esa

Diana Delgado Pineda
On an ordinary winter afternoon, a mother does laundry and her daughter puts her clothes away. What could happen when Mom isn’t looking? 6min, 2014.

Ant House

Valia O’Donnell
The house of a family torn by domestic strife is eaten by termites as a manifestation of the tension within. 2min, 2016.

Giants are Sleeping

Amanda Gutierrez
The identity, transformation, and ownership of one Chicago electrical substation, exploring the relationship between human memory and architecture. 11 minutes, 2014.


Valia O’Donnell
A multi-media animation contrasting tourism in Rome with the experience of a Bangladeshi immigrant selling selfie sticks. 1min, 2015.

Chosen People

Qihui Wu
An experimental documentary depicting the daily activities of the Israel of God Church on the south side of Chicago. 18 min, 2016.

Grandma & Me Dancing with Hibari

Elliott Chu
Elliott’s grandma is awakened to dance with her favorite Japanese singer. 2min, 2016.

Hail Mary

Emily Esperanza
An exercise in holding space (vulnerability). 16 min, 2016.

Sparrow Duet

Steve Socki
Animated abstract shapes and gestures dance together in patterns suggesting ritualistic, bird-like action. 4min, 2014.

INTERMISSION (15 minutes)


(Total running time: 76 minutes)


Amy Frear
A wayward selkie (a seal that can turn itself into a human) has followed a school of herring up the Delaware river when her seal skin is captured by a man from the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. 8 min, 2016.

The Joke’s On You

Adrian Colon
Adrian Colon, an up-and-coming comedian from Trenton, NJ, struggles with anxiety and troubles in his past as he tries to return to the stage after a 2-year hiatus. 25 min, 2014.


Catalina Alvarez
An experimental comedy about a cat caller. 12 min, 2016.

Frieda & Eddie: A Jersey Shore Love Story

Jennifer Suwak & Steve Abruzzese
Two years in the life Frieda and Eddie, who dated in 1942 until Eddie was drafted into the service for World War II. They separated, married other people and had families of their own. After both of their spouses died, they reconnected and found it’s never too late for love. 24 min, 2014.

The Ballad of Craig Kelly

Jeff Stewart
A semi-autobiographical short about love and loss, told in real time.  Based on the life experience of actor Craig Kelly, it is a stream of consciousness narrative dealing with a lonely man coming to terms with his past, present and future mistakes.  8 min,  2017.

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2017 Trenton Film Festival Line-up Announced

Tickets will go on sale soon!

Thursday, March 30

7:00 pm
Kitsune (Guillermo P. Bosch)
Can You Decide (Lu Pulici)
Pop-Up (Stuart McBratney)

Friday, March 31

7:00 pm
Summer Park (Michael Benko)
Jasmine (Dax Phelan)

9:00 pm
Hope St (Elias Ressegatti)
Thresher (Alex Clark)
Stitched (Heather Taylor)
Third Guest (Fraser Watson)
Wicked Conclusions (Phillip G. Carroll Jr.)

Saturday, April 1

12:00 pm
Before Christmas (Chuyao He)
Nobody Dies Here (Simon Panay)
Extra 1104 – The Story of the Rockport Train Wreck (John General)

1:30 pm
Owsia (Darkened Water) (Alireza Dehghan)
Memories of Warsaw (Robert Webster)

3:00 pm
Date Night (Ross Carey)
You Deserve Everything (Goran Stolevski)
Hanging (Nick LeDonne)
Gardening at Night (Shayna Connelly)
Brotherhood (Christian Washington)
Everything We Wanted (Goran Stolevski)

5:00 pm
Aranceri – Battle of the Oranges (Erasmus Talbot)
The Promise (Zeljko M Mirkovic)

7:15 pm
Equipoise (Gung-Kai Koo)
Mr. Gaga (Tomer Heymann and Barak Heymann)

Sunday, April 2

12:00 pm
Panel discussion – TBD

1:15 pm
Live from the Grave with Dedgar (Walter Skold)
Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (Tomer Heymann and Barak Heymann)

3:45 pm
Selkie (Amy Frear)
Cradle (Zanyar Lotfi)
Honk! Honk! (Lars Fuchs)
The Paper Rose (Nadia Fedchin)
Bombing (Gloria Mercer)
Another Time (Amy Frear)

5:30 pm
Primary Colours (Derek Price)
Nod (Andrew Hunsicker)
Nothing Happened (Ted Schneider)
Lento (B. Stephen Stockwell)
Pasquale’s Magic Veal (D.J. Higgins)

6:30 pm
Closing Night Reception and Award Ceremony

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