Trenton Film Society

Oscar Shorts: Mar 1-3

Our ever popular screening of Oscar-nominated documentary, live action, and animated short films in the run-up to the Sunday, March 4 Oscar awards ceremony!

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Documentary Shorts

(Total running time: 102 minutes and 82 minutes, with one 15-minute intermission)

Thursday, March 1, 6:30 pm (Parts 1 & 2) – BUY TICKETS
Friday, March 2, 7:00 pm (Parts 1 & 2) – BUY TICKETS

Traffic Stop (dir. Kate Davis, US, 31min)
Edith+Eddie (dir. Laura Checkoway, US, 29min)
Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405 (dir. Frank Stiefel, US, 40min)
Heroin(e) (dir. Elaine McMillion Sheldon, US, 39min)
Knife Skills (dir. Thomas Lennon, US, 40min)


Live Action Shorts

(Total running time: 99 minutes)

Saturday, March 3: 12:30 pm – BUY TICKETS
Saturday, March 3: 4:30 pm – BUY TICKETS

DeKalb Elementary (dir. Reed Van Dyk, US, 21min)
The Silent Child (dir. Chris Overton, writer Rachel Shenton, UK, 20min)
My Nephew Emmett (dir. Kevin Wilson, Jr., US, 20min)
The Eleven O’Clock (dir. Derin Seale, writer Josh Lawson, Australia, 13min)
Watu Wote: All of Us (dir. Katja Benrath, Germany, 22min)


Animated Shorts

(Total running time: 83 minutes)

Saturday, March 3: 2:30 pm – BUY TICKETS

Dear Basketball (dir. Glen Keane, writer Kobe Bryant, US, 6min)
Negative Space (dir. Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, France, 5min)
Lou (dir. Dave Mullins, US, 7min)
Revolting Rhymes (dir. Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer, 29min)
Garden Party (dir. Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon, France, 7min)
Additional films: Lost Property Office, Weeds, and Achoo


Double Feature: Animated and Live Action

(Total running time: 83 minutes and 99 minutes, with 30-minute reception between programs)

Saturday, March 3: 6:30 pm – BUY TICKETS


Trenton Film Festival: Mar 22-25

Unparalleled in diversity, this year’s festival features 53 films from 16 countries. Tickets and passes now on sale!


See as many films as you’d like for just $25!
With an all-access pass, you’ll be able to pick up one ticket for each film in the festival.
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Regular price tickets: $8

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7:00 pm – Thursday Night Feature — BUY TICKETS

Light Sight (dir. Seyed M. Tabatabaei, Iran, animation, 7.5 minutes)

Blows with the Wind (dir. Hazhir As’adi, Iran, animation, 6.5 minutes)

Kupal (dir. Kazem Mollaie, Iran, narrative, 81 minutes)



7:00 pm – Friday Night Documentaries — BUY TICKETS

Fire and Light (dir. Dana Johnson, US, documentary, 10.5 minutes)

No-Space (dir. Julio Mas Alcaraz, Spain, documentary, 11.5 minutes)

@ Beautiful Mountains (dir. Teng Chen, China, documentary, 40 minutes)

Every Ghost Has an Orchestra (dir. Shayna Connelly, US, documentary, 7 minutes)

Waking a Monster (dir. Mirjam Clement, US, documentary, 20 minutes)


9:00 pm – Friday Night Shorts — BUY TICKETS

Sweet Candy (dir. Yilmaz Vurucu, Austria, narrative, 18 minutes)

White (dir. David Moya, UK, narrative, 15 minutes)

Johnny Thinks (dir. Malcolm Rumbles, UK, spoken word, 3 minutes)

Return Safely (dir. Eric Burleson, US, narrative, 12 minutes)

Purple Dreams (dir. Murat Sayginer, Turkey, animation, 2 minutes)

The Manual (dir. Wil Magness, US, narrative, 30 minutes)



11:00 am – Saturday Morning Shorts — BUY TICKETS

Lunch Time (dir. Alireza Ghasemi, Iran, narrative, 15 minutes)

A Month (dir. Zgjim Terziqi, Kosovo, narrative, 26 minutes)

The Guy Came on Horseback (dir. Hossein Rabiei Dastjerdi, Iran, narrative, 15 minutes)

Cup of Tea (dir. Jitendra Rai, India, narrative, 3 minutes)

Wintry Spring (dir. Mohamed Kamel, Egypt, narrative, 15 minutes)

Shala (dir. João Inácio, Brazil, narrative, 10 minutes)

Pale Mirrors (dir. Salem Salavati, Iran, narrative, 15 minutes)


1:15 pm – Saturday Afternoon Documentaries — BUY TICKETS

People First (dir. Chelsea LoCascio, US, documentary, 5 minutes)

One Mother’s Fire: The Gail Minger Story (dir. Diana Nicolae, US, documentary, 26 minutes)

Weavers of Imagination (dir. Sadegh Jafari, Iran, documentary, 21 minutes)

Gold Mettle (dir. Nicholas Carney, US, documentary, 30 minutes)

Hope Works Here: A Camden Story (dir. Peter Prokop, US, documentary, 28 minutes)


3:45 pm – Saturday Afternoon Shorts — BUY TICKETS

Ayesha (dir. Ambarien Alqadar, India, narrative, 19 minutes)

The Last Visit (dir. Mark Clauburg, US, narrative, 19 minutes)

Walk On (dir. Megan Rossman, US, documentary, 13 minutes)

The Scary Ham (dir. Sue Mroz, US, narrative, 15 minutes)

I Promised Her Life (dir. Robert Nazar Arjoyan, US, narrative, 15 minutes)

Eggs and Soldiers (dir. Imelda O’Reilly, US, narrative, 20 minutes)


6:00 pm – Saturday Evening Shorts — BUY TICKETS

Lawman (dir. Matthew Gentile, US, narrative, 13 minutes)

Rules (dir. Yassen Genadiev, Bulgaria, narrative, 20 minutes)

King Kong (dir. Lo Xu-Ming Tong, Canada, narrative, 19 minutes)

D for Docs (dir. Joe Sikoryak, US, narrative, 15 minutes)

Death of an Umbrella Salesman (dir. Steve Herold, US, narrative, 18 minutes)

Docked (dir. Amie Batalibasi, Australia, narrative, 19 minutes)


8:15 pm – Saturday Night Feature — BUY TICKETS

Take My Hand (dir. Francesco Siro Brigiano, Italy, experimental, 4 minutes)

Sisak (dir. Faraz Arif Ansari, India, narrative, 15 minutes)

Dad is Pretty (dir. Park soo-min, Korea, narrative, 92 minutes)



12:30 pm – Panel Discussion: Perspectives in Storytelling — FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC


2:00 pm – Sunday Feature Documentary — BUY TICKETS

The Best Little Coffeehouse in Maryland (dir. Cory Choy, US, documentary, 18 minutes)

The Organizer (dir. Nick Taylor, US, documentary, 100 minutes)


4:30 pm – Sunday Afternoon Shorts — BUY TICKETS

The Ballad of Craig Kelly (dir. Jeff Stewart, US, narrative, 8 minutes)

The Poet (dir. Adam Cushman, US, spoken word, 6 minutes)

North & Nowhere (dir. Scott Ballard, US, narrative, 12 minutes)

PHAT Girl (dir. Rosemarie Wilson, US, spoken word, 8 minutes)

Alpha Fish (dir. Roger An, US, animation, 9 minutes)

The Dinner Scene (dir. Nicholas Thurkettle, US, narrative, 10 minutes)

Expiration Date (dir. Shunya Chang, US, animation, 4 minutes)

Jimmy Scalia: An Honest Portrait (dir. Anthony Scalia, US, documentary, 6 minutes)

Talk (dir. Fred Zara, US, narrative, 16 minutes)

Frieda and Eddie, A Jersey Shore Love Story (dir. Jennifer Suwak & Stephen Abruzzese, US, documentary, 24 minutes)


6:30 pm

Closing Night Reception and Award Ceremony

See the full 2018 schedule with film descriptions