Trenton Film Society

March 30-April 2, 2017

Our signature film festival is an exploration of all things cinematic. Unparalleled in its diversity, the festival ranges from narrative and documentary shorts and features to music video and experimental media. A great opportunity to explore a wide breadth of film and engage in lively discussions with filmmakers!

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Thursday, March 30
7:00 pm
Kitsune (Guillermo P. Bosch)
Can You Decide (Lu Pulici)
Pop-Up (Stuart McBratney)

Friday, March 31
7:00 pm
Summer Park (Michael Benko) – director in attendance
Jasmine (Dax Phelan)

9:00 pm
Hope St (Elias Ressegatti)
Thresher (Alex Clark)
Stitched (Heather Taylor) – writer/director and producer in attendance
Third Guest (Fraser Watson)
Wicked Conclusions (Phillip G. Carroll Jr.) – director and actress in attendance

Saturday, April 1

12:00 noon
Before Christmas (Chuyao He) – director in attendance
Nobody Dies Here (Simon Panay)
Extra 1104 – The Story of the Rockport Train Wreck (John General)

1:30 pm
Owsia (Darkened Water) (Alireza Dehghan)
Memories of Warsaw (Robert Webster)

3:15 pm
Date Night (Ross Carey)
You Deserve Everything (Goran Stolevski)
Hanging (Nick LeDonne)
Gardening at Night (Shayna Connelly)
Brotherhood (Christian Washington)
Everything We Wanted (Goran Stolevski)

5:00 pm
Equipoise (Gung-Kai Koo)
Aranceri – Battle of the Oranges (Erasmus Talbot) – cinematographer in attendance
The Promise (Zeljko M. Mirkovic)

7:15 pm
Live from the Grave with Dedgar (Walter Skold)
Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (Tomer Heymann and Barak Heymann)

Sunday, April 2

12:45 pm
We the Voters: Films for the People

1:30 pm
Panel Discussion on Social Issues Filmmaking

3:45 pm
Selkie (Amy Frear) – director in attendance
Cradle (Zanyar Lotfi)
Honk! Honk! (Lars Fuchs)
The Paper Rose (Nadia Fedchin)
Bombing (Gloria Mercer)
Another Time (Amy Frear) – director in attendance

5:30 pm
Primary Colours (Derek Price)
Nod (Andrew Hunsicker)
Nothing Happened (Ted Schneider)
Lento (B. Stephen Stockwell)
Pasquale’s Magic Veal (D.J. Higgins) – director in attendance

6:30 pm
Closing Night Reception and Award Ceremony